Woodfest Lumberjack

New for 2017
British championships being held this year at Woodfest:
  • Standing block on Saturday 29th July
  • Single Sawing on Saturday 29th July
  • 2 board Left/Right Tree on Sunday 30th July

Woodfest is famous for our competitive axe racing, sawing and tree climbing events. Taking place over the 2 days in one of the largest timber sports arenas in the UK. We will have visiting axemen from all over the world taking part in competitive woodchopping, crosscut sawing, sawing, tree climb and chainsaw skills. This original extreme sport attracts the world’s top lumberjack athletes in competitions based on historic logging techniques.

Athletes compete in a variety of disciplines based on traditional logging skills to determine the best in individual disciplines and all round lumberjack.

The disciplines include:

  • Standing block chop
  • Underhand chop
  • Single buck
  • Double buck
  • Stock saw
  • Jack and Jill
  • 2 and 3 board tree climb

And for the first time in this country a European team race championship.

One of the highlights of the weekend in this arena is a special competition dedicated to Jim Crawford who passed away in 2009- the Jim Crawford Memorial chop (the Belly Buster!!)

Jim was a forestry contractor, devoted woodsman who worked hard to support all the timbersport events in the country and took part in all the lumberjack disciplines right up to just before he passed away age 77- Pole climbing, woodchopping, sawing and logging and was greatly liked and respected by his peers.

The timber we use for the chopping event is hybrid poplar this is a fast growing wood which we source locally and which was used in abundance for the match industry. The timber is harvested and hauled to site where we cut the timber to length and turn them on a huge lathe to varying diameters for the different disciplines.

After the timber is chopped or sawn in the competitions we bag it up for fire wood.

Why not stay?

We have a secure designated camping and caravan site that is situated immediately adjacent to the festival field.
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Directions to Woodfest 2017

(Sat Nav - Postcode CH7 5BP) Driving Directions

Exit junction 31 on the A55 onto the B5122 and follow the Woodfest signs for about 800 yards.